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Great site. Very efficient and effective, if trying to get rid of a ring quickly.

Grateful for them!

Had an awful experience trying to sell two engagement rings everywhere else. I reached out to I Do Now I Don't because my ex-fiancé had bought my ring from them. Josh was so helpful. He gave advice, spotlighted my ads, and even advocated for a better offer. I ended up taking their offers on both rings instead of a private seller. My cost was zero and my profit was fair and prompt. Thank you for turning a bad situation into a SMILE.

Amazing, and saved a lot of money!!!!

After several purchases from this amazing site, I will never shop retail jewelry stores again! There is a huge variety of diamonds, as well as other jewelry. It does take a bit for them to ship items out, so patience is a must. They take time to check the items for quality before they ship them to the buyer, and I have never been let down! I will never buy jewelry from anyone else besides them.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for making I Do Now I Don't.

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for making I do Now I Don't. I found this page and was skeptical at first. Then I found a ring I knew was my dream engagement ring. The seller and I talked and it was very easy to get all the information I needed about the ring. Then the staff was so resourceful and courteous. The process was quick and I got my dream ring for less than half of retail. The ring is even prettier in person. I tell everyone I know about I Do Now I Don't. Thank you.

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Yes, You Are Most Likely Wearing a Used Diamond
Yes, You Are Most Likely Wearing a Used Diamond
A diamond may be forever, but that doesn’t mean it has to remain with the same owner forever. The most wonderful quality about diamonds is that they are one of the only types of physical matter on this earth that do not wear and tear. As a result, you can not tell the difference between a diamond worn 300 years ago from a diamond freshly mined. So, when you are looking at diamonds in the jewelry store, you can’t tell if that diamond is “used.” In fact, 1 in 10 diamonds, possibly even more that you see in jewelry stores are pre-owned stones. With that being said, chances are, the diamond you are wearing on your finger has been worn before. Nearly every diamond that has been mined is still in circulation today. Diamonds are often sold back to dealers and retailers and are then recut, reshaped, reset, repolished, and remounted into beautiful new settings and sold as “new” diamonds. Additionally, many jewelers take used diamonds and convert them into new fashionable designs making the tracking of these used diamonds more difficult. More than a billion dollars worth of recycled diamonds is sold in stores today. But, don’t get alarmed, no one can really know for sure if you are wearing a used diamond unless you purchase it straight from the diamond mine yourself. Being in the diamond business, I can tell you that diamonds are sold every single day to dealers around the globe and those stones are not replanted back into the ground. They are sometimes put into lots and then sold off to buyers and representatives that handle the buying for large retail companies. Other times, these lots are sold to networks of diamond buyers that sell to independent, local jewelers. So, what’s the big deal anyways? Diamonds have always been passed down from generation to generation for centuries, which we call estate jewelry, or heirlooms. But even more importantly, diamond mining causes significant environmental consequences on the environment, so you should be happy to be wearing something “used” or even request and search for something you know is used. The massive environmental disruption from mining causes soil erosion, deforestation, and ultimately the collapse of entire ecosystems. By wearing jewelry that is recycled or used, heirlooms or vintage jewelry, you are doing something that is both socially and environmentally responsible. There are literally enough harvested diamonds to satisfy all our jewelry needs for the next 50 years or so without having to mine a single stone and there is a good chance these precious gems will end up right back into the marketplace as the number of recycled diamonds is growing. And, the more recycled diamonds that are sold back to the industry, the less new diamonds need to be mined, mitigating the environmental impact. So the answer remains, yes you are most likely are wearing a used diamond. Your stone was probably mined decades or hundreds of years ago and someone else has owned your diamond before you. Used diamonds are not in any way negative. Quite the opposite. Diamonds are durable enough to have history and jewelry that comes with history and character sets it apart from all others, making them unique. And let’s not forget that these recycled diamonds provide a way to obtain beautiful pieces while knowing your gem was acquired without damaging the environment. Whatever the case, a diamond is a diamond and no matter if it’s used or not and will always look brand new whether it was from 200 years ago or today.
Ladies, It’s Okay to Pop the Question
Ladies, It’s Okay to Pop the Question
Once upon a time, a man would get down on one knee to ask his girlfriend the most important question he will ever ask: the proposal of marriage. It was tradition, but these days “untraditional” has become the new tradition. Today, it has become completely acceptable for a woman to propose marriage to a man and to help split the cost of the engagement ring.   A few years ago, LOUPED conducted a study and found that 47% of Americans believe it is completely acceptable for a woman to ask a man for his hand in marriage, 34% think it's fine but only under certain circumstances, and a mere 18% felt it was wrong. When asked about engagement rings, 63% of respondents thought that it was OKAY for the bride to be to split the cost of the engagement ring with her fiance.   In the past, women were only allowed one day to propose marriage to a man: the 29th of February, which only happens every four years. Some legends say that this tradition began in Ireland during the 5th century when St. Patrick pronounced that a woman can propose to a man during a leap year. We know for sure that in 1288, Scotland made it legal for women to do the proposing during a Leap Year.   Today, men traditionally pay for the engagement ring. This tradition originated when the man had a family heirloom to give to his bride. Nowadays, the ring is usually purchased prior to the proposal. With so many couples are already sharing a home and expenses, there is no reason why they shouldn’t be sharing the expense of the engagement ring as well. In fact, the LOUPED survey found that 2 out 3 people believe it’s okay for a woman to split the cost of the ring, especially if the groom-to-be can’t afford it.   Whenever and however these traditions started one thing remains true, we’ve sure come a long, long way! In this generation, not only are men not getting down on one knee to propose marriage, they may not even have to do the asking. Future brides are taking matters into their own hands. Whether it's setting the date, asking for his hand in marriage or picking on the ring, women are taking charge.
Tiffany & Co- A Curated Collection of Timeless Elegance
Tiffany & Co- A Curated Collection of Timeless Elegance
This week, LOUPED will be exclusively offering a carefully curated selection of Tiffany & Co. diamond pieces for up to 80% off retail value.   Tiffany & Co, founded in 1837, is renowned for its signature Tiffany style diamond setting along with its gorgeous diamond engagement rings, all of which come in its iconic blue box. Iconic families, such as the Astors, Vanderbilts, and Posts, have worn Tiffany & Co designs. Additionally, athletes, Hollywood starlets and royalty alike can all be seen adorning Tiffany & Co. both day to day and on the red carpet. Synonymous with elegant luxury, Tiffany & Co. was featured at the heart of Audrey Hepburn’s 1961 classic Breakfast at Tiffany’s.   LOUPED affords clients the opportunity to own the timeless sophistication of a Tiffany & Co. piece at a price that is much more affordable than retail.   1) Tiffany & Co. Legacy Cushion Cut Diamond and Platinum Engagement Ring   Retail Value:$10,900.00 LOUPED Price:$7000   Description:  Tiffany & Co. Legacy Style .75 cushion modified brilliant cut diamond ring set in platinum surrounded by round brilliant cut diamonds.   Link To Ring:     2) Tiffany & Co 1.04 Round Diamond Engagement Ring with Sidestones   Retail Price: $15,000   LOUPED Price: $10,000   Description: Tiffany & Co 1.04 round diamond engagement ring with side stones set in platinum. Comes with original box and grading report.   Link To Ring:     3) Tiffany & Co. .87 Round Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring   Retail Value: $13,100 LOUPED Price: $7,000.00   Description: Authentic Tiffany & Co. .87 round brilliant cut diamond solitaire engagement ring set in the classic Tiffany setting. All original Tiffany & Co. paperwork is available and included in purchase.   Link To Ring:       4) Tiffany & Co 1.66 Round Brilliant Cut Solitaire Diamond Engagement Ring   Retail Value: $57,500   LOUPED Price: $40,000   Description: Tiffany & Co 1.66 round brilliant cut diamond engagement ring, completely colorless and set in platinum. All paperwork is included.   Link To Ring:     5) Tiffany & Co Etoile Diamond Eternity Band Retail Value: $15,000   LOUPED Price: $9,000   Description: Tiffany & Co Etoile style, four-row band ring with round brilliant diamonds pavé-set in platinum.   Link To Ring:     6) Tiffany & Co 3 Stone Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring with .74 ct Center Stone Retail Value: $18,000   LOUPED Price: $8,000   Description: Tiffany & Co Certified three stone round brilliant cut diamonds. Comes with original box and original Tiffany & Co. paperwork.   Link To Ring:     7) Tiffany and Co 0.21ct Princess Cut Diamond Solitaire Engagement Ring Retail Value: $2,300   LOUPED Price: $1,150   Description: Tiffany & Co 0.21ct princess cut diamond solitaire engagement ring set in platinum. Accompanying the ring, is the Tiffany & Co velvet ring box and diamond certificate.   Link To Ring:     8) Tiffany & Co Platinum 1 carat 16" Elsa Peretti Diamond By The Yard Necklace   Retail Value: $12,000   LOUPED Price: $7,500 Description: Tiffany & Co 1ct round brilliant diamond pendant. Necklace is 16" long, designed by Elsa Peretti.   Link To Necklace:     9) Tiffany & Co 1.51 Solitaire Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring   Retail Value: $38,000    LOUPED Price: $22,000   Description: Tiffany & Co Classic six prong round brilliant cut diamond solitaire engagement ring. All original documents and box included.   Link To Ring:     10) Tiffany & Co. .71 Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Engagement Ring   Retail Value: $9,500    LOUPED Price: $7,500   Description: Tiffany & Co .71 Round Brilliant Cut Diamond solitaire engagement ring set in platinum. The ring comes in the original Tiffany & Co presentation box and signature Tiffany blue box.   Link To Ring: