Authenticity Promise

We guarantee the authenticity of every item that is sold on Louped.

Louped prides itself as the leading peer-to-peer marketplace focusing on high-end jewelry. Our luxury niche marketplace sets it apart from other online marketplaces such as eBay, True Facet, TheRealReal, Worthy, Poshmark and others.

Our authentication process protects BOTH our buyers and sellers. Every item sold on the marketplace goes through a careful verification process for authenticity. During this process, each piece of jewelry will be meticulously analyzed and graded by a third-party Gemological Laboratory using the highest standards in the jewelry trade, the GIA diamond grading scale. Our third-party GIA Graduate Gemologists will provide a complimentary Gemological Report that also serves as an insurance appraisal with each purchased item.

We stand by the authenticity of every item sold. Despite our detailed authentication process, we offer a FINANCIAL PROMISE and offer a 100% money-back promise should any item sold prove to be not as described on their listing. Products that fail any step of our authentication process will be returned immediately.

We value our users and take pride in offering luxury jewelry in the resale market at competitive prices.

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