17 Eco & Ethical Fashion Brands I’m Loving

17 Eco & Ethical Fashion Brands I’m Loving


In my wanderings across the internet and life, I come across far too many wonderful brands to feature them all in their own long write-ups. So I periodically like to put them in a big post of wonderfulness. I hope you find something in here you like!

Some of these brands sent me free product or provided compensation for their features. As always, EcoCult only supports brands that are making a difference in the world — support EcoCult by supporting them!

Want :Forsythia Studio

Gorgeous, conscious women’s luxury fashion

Forsythia’s beautiful pieces are produced in New York City in order to decrease waste, minimize their carbon footprint, and cut down on the turnaround time for customers, while also increasing quality control and ensuring that the working conditions of its employees are safe and fair. They use eco-friendly fabrics like silk, organic cotton, hemp, and wool and all pieces are made-to-order.

Want :Legend Bracelet

A bracelet that reminds you to explore the world and protect it

The Legend Bracelet is made of tree bark using a process that actually extends the tree’s life expectancy and increases CO2 absorption. The bracelet contains a capsule on each side; one contains sand from the arctic which was obtained by scientists who are studying the carbon content in permafrost (the process of the frozen ground thawing and releasing carbon emissions into the atmosphere). The capsule on the other side is empty so the wearer can fill it with earth or sand from somewhere meaningful. I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these and fill it with some of my own memories!

Love : DELGATTO | I Do Now I Don’t

A huge reseller of diamonds and jewelry

Buying used and secondhand is the most sustainable way to shop. That’s why I was happy to find I Do Now I Don’t, which has a gigantic selection of not only used engagement rings and wedding bands, but also fine and vintage jewelry and watches. IDNID’s motto is that “every diamond resold means one less diamond mined” — and we all know how much destruction the mining industry has done to the environment and the people (including children) who are mining them. You can sell your own fine jewelry on the site too.